Sunset house – 20′ conversion!

Sunset magazine commissioned a 20′ container refit as a small <200’^2 (well it’s 160’^2 shoulda called it just > 150’^2).  The building was built for $60K and was developed by HyBrid Architecture.  Their cargo focused site is

Cargotecture Sunset HouseOne aspect I really like and would like to validate is their kitchen/bath space. Rather than placing things into the end of the container as I have planned (yes, it’s still a plan, and hasn’t been executed), they have the two spaces laid out across from each other in one end of the container (in this case, the door end).  I like the idea, and will look at working that concept into my plans as well.  If nothing else, it potentially removes the need for an extra sink (though there are two in their plans).  It does add the extra overhead of having a wet wall on either side of the container rather than just one as my plan has, but there may be better space related value there.  Something to look at for sure.

I do like the bed concept though, with both a full size (7′ wide or long depending on how you look at it) and a fold down “double” bed, makes for an effeicient use, and it looks like the bed is desinged as a fouton like folding couch as well, which is also quite efficient.


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