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A model for the kitchen?

I was perusing the make blog, and saw this article on a kitchen for one’s bar-b-que adventures:


I like the grey-water capture concept, and the simple water input model.  The embedded burner isn’t a bad touch either.

I beleive we’ll end up witha slightly more “classic” model for the kitchen, with a bathroom and kitchen sink sharing a wall, and a shower as well.  The grey-water capture is something I still need to put together, and even if we do end up with a composting toilet, I’ll still want to have a design for a black water and grey water management system.  The black water would come with us when leaving the system to be dumped along the way home (there are still RV dump stations at some of the rest-stops along the way), while the grey water would be processed in an earth tank located near the grey-water output.

A container studio bathroom

This is about as good as it gets.  And at least for me, I’m done tweaking this now.  There’s a toilet, sink, and shower, room for a bench, and only one wet wall (water for the toilet will be run under the floor from the sink area).  A tankless water heater sits under the sink and will provide hot for the shower, sink, and bathroom sink. The gray water will all come together for capture and re-use (watering plants, etc.), and the black water will go out to it’s own capture tank (or to a septic in a more permanent environment).  There’s both a plan view, and perspective to get an idea of how it comes together.

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