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Water, water, everywhere

So one of my early tasks is to get some useable water onto the property, and to that end, I’ve had a conversation with Well-Drill-Guy (who for ~ $15K will put in a nice well for me…), but I’d like to do something prior to us determining where our “final” accommodations may go, this being at least initially a temporary structure.  And that lead me to two conclusions, either I catch the water coming from the sky (~24″ annual rain fall is quite a useable amount, but only really shows up in the winter months), or I bring it in.

So since it might take us a couple months to get things into a state where we can even get  a truck into the property to deliver a conatiner (even a small one is about 3 tons, and add to that a 2 ton truck, you need a STABLE road!), I thought it might be useful to look at transporting water in.  So I started looking at tanks and such, and found these great water bladders that are available.  Think MEGA-camel-back like bladder.  I’m investigating either getting a couple 100gal bladders, or one 250gal bladder.

One source: http://www.interstateproducts.com/water_bladders.htm