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Insulation. Spray me baby.

Insulation is clearly something you want in a metal based house, but the question is to a certain extent, what kind.  Well, one thing I just discovered is ceramic paint.  Treehugger doesn’t seem to think it’s real (http://www.treehugger.com/files/2008/07/ceramic-insulating-paints.php), and yet there are enough other posts (mostly youtube, such as

or how about Bob Villla
a well known product schill working on a container even!) that seem to imply it _could_ work.

The model is that you paint this stuff on (it’s usually applied with a sprayer, but can be rolled on as well), with the ceramics suspended in an elastomeric paint.  You put it on “thick” (7mil or 7 thousandths of an  inch, human hair scale thickness), and it is supposed to reflect IR, so it blocks radiative heat gain.  It seems like it will still be necessary to add a an expanding foam layer internally, and as the model is to include a standard 4″ wall into which the windows and doors will be mounted (internal to the metal shell) there’s space for that as well.

Since we’re getting two containers, I think it might be really interesting to apply this stuff to one, and not the other. What better experiment could there be?  But at $495 for a pail (5 gallon I believe, you can order it through home depot but the listing is a bit spartan), it’ll be an experiment for later in the year I think.

My only question, if this stuff is so high tech, why is it that the web sites look like they were created in 1990?