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Containers ordered – kinda

Given that I didn’t put any money down, and don’t have a specific pair of containers selected, can I still say I had a successful meeting with the container guy?  I think I’m going to say yes anyway, because I learned a few things, got a view of how beat-up (or not) the containers were, and got an idea of what a smelly container vs. non-smelly container was like.

First I have to say, I’m impressed with the floor board material. Of the 4 we looked at, 3 were hardwood, and one was hardwood coated with some sort of elastomeric coating. The hardwood ones looked like they would become beautiful with a refinishing.  But then again, I want to put in in-floor radiant heat, so I’d just end up covering the floor up.  In reality, they were deeply scratched in spots, and one had a patch that covered a good 4 feet of the back of the floor (funny, that’s the 4 feet that were going to get a tile underlayment or galvanized sheet drain pan placed over it…). But the container guy didn’t like any of the 4 we looked at, and liked a few that were much higher in the stack. He’s pulling them down for me, and will send me photos so that I can do a first pass sign off.  I’ve also arranged to swing by there the day before the delivery (or the Friday before, as I’m thinking it might make sense to have them delivered on Monday after a day with the tractor up at the property prepping the area.

I also spoke with my neighbor at the property (we had the gravel to cover the current mud delivered today), and we’ve got a first gravel drive laid out to both properties (one was kinda obvious, just fill in the 12″ deep ruts….).  Ours will end in a parking area if there’s enough gravel, or will at least end near the parking area. If we do run out of gravel, we’ll probably wait until container weekend to order more, so that we can maximize the use of the tractor (at $250/day), and will probably need to fill in a few really deep ex-mud pits anyway.

The real trick, in looking at the  spot where we want to place the containers, is going to be getting them in place. The neighbor has used one of the massive 4×4 outdoor forklifts in the past, but renting that and a tractor doesn’t  make a lot of sense, and in order to use it, we’d effectively have to pull out all of the oaks in the area, a non-starter for me.  So we’re going to get a tractor just big enough to drag the containers to their destination, and then the plan is to jack the containers up onto foundations after they’ve been pulled into proper position. More thinking to do.

So, in less than two weeks, we’ll have at least a roof and 4 walls (or two roofs and 8 walls, depending on how you count these things)!  Of course, they still have to be: insulated, doors and windows installed, bathroom built/installed, deck added, cistern placed, rain catchment deployed, and more.  But it’s a start!