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Power – an interesting option

Kevin sent me a link to an interesting alternative power company that I though I’d share.  These folks provide both wind and solar systems, and it makes good sense to have both if there’s any reasonable wind at all.  Having also spoken with our neighbor, it looks like both are plentiful (wind more in the winter than summer, and sun in the opposite).


I’ve also been thinking about a classic home-built wind turbine, with blades made out of sections of schedule 40 PVC pipe to augment the 3 135W panels I already have.  Something like: http://www.mdpub.com/Wind_Turbine

In addition to the turbine/solar setup, there’s clearly need for a battery storage box, an inverter (I have a 600W inverter at the moment), and a battery disconnect.  For the wind turbine, I’ll need to either build or acquire a power disconnect to let the turbine run free when the batteries are fully charged, or they may be damadged!

Quite a bit more to look at!