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Even More Water! and some shade to boot.

I started to think about the summer, and how it would be nice to have a cover for the deck, which led me to the thought of putting a tarp or Sail over the top of at least one of the containers.  I picked the one closest to where I currently have the cistern placed, but it actually makes more sense to place this over the western container rather than the eastern. If the tarp is set up properly, and designed to handle the wind load (determining what it will take to handle the wind is a project unto itself), I think it can look quite nice, and also provide quite a bit more surface area to catch rain at the same time!

I believe we can address the wind issue to a certain extent by actually making the sail out of strips of cloth, that, when laying flat, still direct most of the water towards the cistern, and if a gust comes a long, can break open and shed the wind load (along with some of that precious water).  Since some portion of even the shed water will land on the container roof, it’s not a total loss, and will only reduce the total catch back to the 320 ft^2 of the original model. Given that I currently  projected a potential 2500 galons off of the 2×20 roof, adding this really is going to help more in the drier months, making better use of the limited rain that does fall, vs. during the wet months where there really is going to be a surpluss.