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Solar Ivy?

I saw this link about the SMIT Solar Ivy project over on the Jetson Green site, and I thought it was quite clever.  Little solar ‘petals’ rather than one big panel.   I was thinking that while I don’t have huge walls to cover with something like this, I do want to add a sun shade/rain catchment sail over the container and deck area of the build, and having something like this on top would be a nice way to break up the surface and enhance the potential shade provided, while also producing power!

Anyway, check out the SMIT Solar Ivy site for more on this interesting idea.

Another water container

Clearly I have water on the brain. One thought is to build a water catchment off of the container(s), once they are in place. Prior to that, the bladder model is likely a reasonable approach, at least for ‘in vehicle’ transport. Once on site, a rigid container may become more viable, as it can potentially be buried so as to keep it from wandering off as easily.

Which leads me to my latest find, large, but manageable barrels. Here’s a 100gal ~5’x2′ container, which they’ll even ship for free :). More research is needed, but here’s at least a start!


Water, water, everywhere

So one of my early tasks is to get some useable water onto the property, and to that end, I’ve had a conversation with Well-Drill-Guy (who for ~ $15K will put in a nice well for me…), but I’d like to do something prior to us determining where our “final” accommodations may go, this being at least initially a temporary structure.  And that lead me to two conclusions, either I catch the water coming from the sky (~24″ annual rain fall is quite a useable amount, but only really shows up in the winter months), or I bring it in.

So since it might take us a couple months to get things into a state where we can even get  a truck into the property to deliver a conatiner (even a small one is about 3 tons, and add to that a 2 ton truck, you need a STABLE road!), I thought it might be useful to look at transporting water in.  So I started looking at tanks and such, and found these great water bladders that are available.  Think MEGA-camel-back like bladder.  I’m investigating either getting a couple 100gal bladders, or one 250gal bladder.

One source: http://www.interstateproducts.com/water_bladders.htm