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Can it handle the load?

Ken pointed out in a comment that it might be important to add a sloped roof to this structure, if it were to end up in a snow zone.  And of course, we don’t have that exact issue, however, given my design goal of having this structure usable for more than just a single location use (i.e., moving it in the future to our next land conquest), I thought I should at least see what might be necessary to do to strengthen the roof.  And while I was at it, I was wondering how bad cutting out the entire container sides might actually be…

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Residential Shipping Container Primer

While by no means complete, the following site does walk one through a number of the different areas you need to think about when looking at designing a container house.  I’m still looking for information on plumbing, cutting, bracing, hinging, etc. which I think will keep me busy for quite a while…

Residential Shipping Container Primer (RSCP™).

Getting Started

Are these sorts of posts all the same? Well, here’s another to get started with.

We recently bought some property in the boonies, and it has nothing. I mean nothing but absolute stunning beauty!  But in order to enjoy it (given that it does take us ~4 hours or so to get out there), we thought at least some form of shelter might be reasonable.  It gets hot in the summer (into the 100s *F at times), and cold in the winter (there has been snow sighted, though it usually doesn’t hang out for long), so a structure would certainly be _nicer_ than a tent, and that’s exactly what we’ve decided to do.

So, to get started.  We’ve thought about trailers, and mobile homes, and stick-built or rammed earth houses (all of which I am still quite interested in continuing to explore!), but I think we both agree that a small shipping container may well fit the bill.  So I sent in a couple e-mail quotes for pricing on both used and new containers, and hope to hear something perhaps as early as next week!

Though this is just a start, I hope to keep this project moving, and at least set a goal of having a container in place on a couple of poured footers by mid-Spring (okay, let’s just say April 30th, 2011).

FYI: One source for containers is these folks: http://www.cgini.com/