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Forums are live!

Hopefully this will simplify the process of learning about containers.  Have a question? Post it. Have an answer? Please respond! Check them out here: http://20foothouse.com/forums/

Also, I have a newsletter set up now, so if you want to get an updates via e-mail, sign-up! I am only planning on sending out a newsletter once a month or so, highlighting the progress on the containers.  The easiest way to sign up is either use the widget to the right of this post (on the http://20foothouse.com site), or register an account on the site.

Welcome to the conversation!

Another container design company

Apparently I’m about 2 years late on this whole container thing as most sites seem to be about that old.  Perhaps it’s become old hat and architects just do this as normal course any longer.  Anyway, here are a couple more I found over the past few weeks:


These guys (or guy) have a really interesting model, based on a fixed set of 12 floor plans, and a bridged central space.  Pick your kitchen, bedroom(s) and glass walls, and you’ve got a house.  It’s similar to the model I’m looking at, but it follows what I’d call the “standard” mold, leverage the container as a building element, rather than the building as a whole.


This company is closer to what I’m building towards, where it’s still a single container, and is certainly more house like. My big difference here is that they just inster their windows/doors right into the container directly.  For a truly rural studio, I think it’s important to totally close it up.  But I like where they’re at otherwise.


Wow.  Again, more practical for a remote, but less rural setting (i.e., there are other people around most of the time, etc.) but in this case: STUNNING!!! Wow are these places beautiful (at least to me), and what style.  They aren’t single container dwellings, but they are clearly still container based.

What to do – a to-do list

I realized that I’ve been playing with design quite a bit over the past week, and while that is a lot of fun, even with just a single 20′ container, it doesn’t actually get a 20′ container on the ground. To that end, I’ve added a little to-do list to the site to keep track of what’s going on. Check it out in the right hand side-bar of the site. Read more »

Residential Shipping Container Primer

While by no means complete, the following site does walk one through a number of the different areas you need to think about when looking at designing a container house.  I’m still looking for information on plumbing, cutting, bracing, hinging, etc. which I think will keep me busy for quite a while…

Residential Shipping Container Primer (RSCP™).